Finding Your Non-Identifying Information

Non-Identifying information is general information provided at the time of adoption about one or both birth parents. It might include birth date, age, place of birth, occupation, education level, information about other birth relatives and more. This is called Non-Identifying due to the fact you should not be able to identify your birth parent(s) from this information alone. However, it can provide vital clues during your adoption search.

Adoptee Registries

Adoption registries are websites where both adoptees and birth family members can register in hopes the person they are looking for will also sign up. Many people have found success using registries and many of the sites are free so it is worthy trying. Do a Google search for both country and state-wide registries and consider signing up on as many as possible.

Original Birth Certificate and Non-Identifying Information by State

An original birth certificate will most likely name the birth mother. It may also name the birth father.

See American Adoption Congress for what paperwork is available to adoptees by state